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This is the official editorial system of The Clinician and Technology (Lékař a Technika) Journal serving to authors, editors, reviewers and redactors to process submissions to the journal.

The Clinician and Technology Journal is the official journal of the Czech Society for Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics (http://www.sbmili.cz/), a member of Czech Medical Association JEP.

Since April 2012, the submission of articles should be conducted solely using this web-based editorial system; paper or e-mail submissions cannot be accepted any longer.

The submitted articles should be written in English only, Czech or Slovak language is not acceptable any longer due to the international editorial board of the journal. Please, use the provided template and go to the About the Journal page to read more about the editorial, review and publishing process.

We believe, this web-based editorial system will keep the authors informed about review of their articles at any time, will significantly shorten the review process and will be comfortable for authors, reviewers and editorial staff.

The Clinician and Technology Journal is an open access, peer-reviewed international scientific journal reporting developments and advances in the research field of biomedical engineering.

Thank you for considering publishing results of your research in The Clinician and Technology Journal.

prof. Ing. Karel Roubik, Ph.D.
Clinician and Technology Journal